Working With Forever Manchester: Recent Community Projects

As Greater Manchester’s Community Foundation, Forever Manchester is the only charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. Benoit Properties started working with Forever Manchester in October 2021 as we wanted to fund projects closer to home, reinvest in the local Manchester community, and help those less fortunate.

Funding and supporting more than 1,000 community projects every year through grants and awards, Forever Manchester has poured over £57 million into local communities. It has been supporting community activity since 1989 and benefitted an estimable 1.2 million people who care enough to act.

Matt Lavin, Director:

It’s great to see the real-world impact some of these charities have on the local community and how they enrich lives. As a charity worker myself who benefitted from local funding during my youth, I know how much of a positive impact it can have.

Here are some of the community projects we have helped fund over the last couple of months.

Wythenshawe Women’s Welfare Association

Wythenshawe Women’s Welfare Association aims to support and mentor the women of Wythenshawe on topics including physical and mental health; schooling; adult education and employment; cost of living; domestic violence; healthy relationships; low confidence and self-esteem; and housing. WWWA brings diverse cultural communities together, breaking generational gaps and putting an end to loneliness and isolation. They applied for funding to cover the cost of training for members such as first aid training, t-shirts for the reward programme, posters and flyers for advertisements and room hire.

King Foundation

King Foundation aims to reduce knife crime and gang culture within the community of Moston. They provide a toolkit for the BME African teen boys and young adults (aged 11-21) to empower them for the betterment of the next generation and run workshops and social activities to break down gang barriers. King Foundation applied for funding to cover venue hire for 7 workshops across 12 months. They would also like to put some of the funding towards food and drink for the sessions and transportation.

Bee Sanctuary Movement

Bee Sanctuary Movement, based at the Levenshulme/Heaton Chapel border, creates and maximises biodiversity and ensures wildflowers grow throughout the season to support bees and other pollinators. As the sanctuary is open to the wider community, many people such as families, the elderly, those with poor mobility, and children, can enjoy nature and learn about how to save it through creating and managing habitats. Bee Sanctuary Movement applied for funding for the cost of a cornfield wildflower meadow and the cost of mobile exhibition fences to extend their offer to local residents.

Stretford Community Playgroup

Stretford Community Playgroup is a fully inclusive community group to accommodate children with special needs. They provide stimulating, educational and fun activities for children, families and their carers. They hold weekly art and craft sessions along with festivals and themed parties for their members. The group applied for funding to cover 12 sessions over 12 months of a Little Groovers music class. This money covers the cost of a sessional worker from ‘Little Groovers.’ The remaining money would be spent on arts and crafts supplies for their weekly sessions.

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