Why You Should Buy Property on the Costa Blanca

Nicknamed the White Coast, the Costa Blanca boasts over 200 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline in Spain’s Alicante province. Whether you’re looking for a new life in the sun, a second home to enjoy, or a lucrative investment, here’s why the Costa Blanca is the perfect place to buy property.

Exploring the Appeal

The Costa Blanca is home to many Blue Flag beaches and enjoys over 300 days of sunshine each year. This, combined with a vibrant nightlife and delicious culinary scene, makes the Costa Blanca one of the most popular destinations in Spain.

The natural beauty of the region provides a unique setting. Expect lofty palm trees, colourful salt lakes, hidden caves, and miles of long, light-sand beaches.

From the bustling beach resorts of Alicante and Benidorm to quaint coastal villages such as Jávea and Moraira, the Costa Blanca caters to all kinds of travellers. Many of its towns combine first-rate amenities with traditional charm, making them the ultimate destination for tourists.

Part of the region’s charm lies in its rich history, which dates back to the Neolithic Era. Over the centuries, various invaders and new settlers have left their mark on the region, including the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Carthaginians and Moors. Today, visitors to the Costa Blanca can explore a plethora of historical sites. Peering down on Alicante is Castillo de Santa Barbara, a 16th-century fortress on the top of Mount Benacantil. Benidorm Old Town and the beautifully decorative square of Placa del Castell is another must-visit, revealing a different side to the lively holiday hotspot.

Tides of Tourists

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. It welcomed 47.6 million foreign visitors in the first half of 2023 and tourist spending fell just shy of €60 billion.

On the Costa Blanca, around 317,000 guests stayed in hotels and hostels in August this year, surpassing the 209,000 overnight visitors seen in August 2019. The whole region is very accessible thanks to the international airport in Alicante, which offers 280 connections to global destinations in 28 countries. The peak months of 2023 (July/August) recorded a total of over 1.7 million monthly passengers at Alicante Airport, and last year, annual passenger numbers exceeded 13.2 million.

In light of the soaring temperatures of the last few summers, many travellers wanting to avoid extreme heat are turning their eye to the Costa Blanca. The region offers milder temperatures than other nearby holiday destinations, such as the Costa del Sol on Spain’s southern coast. It is therefore expected to grow in popularity as global temperatures rise.

Milder temperatures, combined with incredible natural landscapes, makes the Costa Blanca a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and mountaineering. It is also a leading international golfing destination, with over 30 impressive golf courses dotted along the coast.

Owning Property on the Costa Blanca

With growing visitor numbers and worldwide appeal, this sunny region of Spain is a prime location for holiday lets, offering strong year-round demand and high occupancy rates. Better still, property on the Costa Blanca is relatively affordable compared to other regions, meaning those who choose to buy and rent out property benefit from attractive yields.

Property prices in Alicante remain around 20% lower than the national average according to the Ministerio de Fomento. Naturally, this also appeals to those in the market for a permanent or second home. On the Costa Blanca, homeowners can enjoy beautiful beaches, top-standard amenities and great weather, all for an affordable price.

The provincial capital, Alicante, is the largest expat community in Spain. Around 1 in 5 of the population are foreign residents, mostly from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and Russia.

House prices along the Spanish coast continue to appreciate in value due to a significant undersupply of homes. In the first quarter of 2023, Costa Blanca registered an 11% annual increase in house prices—the second largest in Spain, behind only the Costa del Sol.

Therefore, owning property in the Costa Blanca can open doors to a new lifestyle on the Spanish coast, or a lucrative income stream in one of Spain’s most popular holiday destinations. And, however you choose to use your home, you can expect generous long-term returns on your investment.

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