New Port at Koh Kong Province Inaugurated and Tested

Koh Kong Port Management Co., Ltd has been piloted in Koh Sdach Village, Koh Sdach Commune, Kirisakor District, Koh Kong Province to facilitate the safe and efficient transportation of tourists and tourists in the coastal area.

The new port was inaugurated under the chairmanship of Ms. Irene Net, Deputy Governor of Koh Kong Province on September 25, 2023.

While inaugurated, the new port also welcomed one of the first ships to enter the port of Koh Kong Port Me Lek Min Ek.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Deputy Governor said that in early September, she led a delegation from Koh Kong Province to visit the Lianying area of the People’s Republic of China at the China Silk Road International Logistics Fair in order to promote trade between ports. Both (Liaoning Port and Koh Kong Port management) and to strengthen international cooperation between Koh Kong and Lianying Port.

During the visit, the two sides agreed on the following points:

Both sides encourage and fully support each other’s cooperation in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
The two sides agreed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in trade ports, logistics, and other relevant fields.
The two sides will jointly trade in agriculture when the port is launched, sending agricultural products to China directly through the port.
The Koh Kong side requested the Chinese side to help find markets in the agricultural sector and strengthen the market to provide stability and comfort to farmers in Koh Kong province as well as other provinces in farming.

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