GGear Unveils Potential for Modern and Latest Electronic Products in the Cambodian Market

GGear Group has launched LG Electronics products for 2023 and 2024 to showcase innovative designs and new technologies for business partners in the surrounding provinces of Phnom Penh.

LG products imported to Cambodia and launched this year focus on smart technology, innovation in appearance, high quality, durability, affordable, and suitability for local customers. In addition, Giga Group is ready to provide the closest service to customers with installation, maintenance, and consulting services in more than 10 locations across the country.

GGear Group and LG Electronics have joined forces to import consumer electronics products into the Cambodian market, focusing on consumers’ health, the environment, energy savings, budget, and more, said Hor Hab, CEO of GGear Group. High technology but easy to use.

“LG products are very popular and well-known in Cambodia because our company not only strives to sell only one product but also promotes and encourages consumers to take advantage of the technology of all products,” he added. Through training to business partners, distribution of all staff, sales, and service, and there is a promotion on social media.

Meanwhile, Heng Senghat, LG Product Manager of GGear Group, said that LG Electronics, a business partner of GGear Group, has improved the quality, efficiency, and unique technology of all its products in 2023 and 2024 in order to facilitate users to save time, money on operations in homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

He said that the products that we are focusing on and the needs of customers this year include air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines. For this year, LG Air Conditioner has focused on state-of-the-art technology to reduce the amount of light that can be controlled via a mobile phone with a respiratory protection system that is an antenna.

At the same time, he confirmed that LG Electronics has produced this new free refrigerator to meet the needs of modern customers, designed with a luxurious appearance, spacious interior, frozen fresh vegetables, fruits, long-lasting, cool, and full. Low power (between 5 bites to 1 kg/day).

As for the washing machine, LG Electronics has focused on taking care of the fabric so that it does not get damaged, cleaning the laundry, washing quickly, and drying quickly, and all these points are the needs of customers. In addition, LG Electronics has added a few features to the LG washing machine called LG Turbo wash, Turbo wash 3D, and Turbo wash 3600, which makes the washing operation more efficient, fast, and low power consumption.

The latest LG TVs have evolved into smart TVs just like smartphones, as they allow people around the world to use their applications more widely. On the other hand, the LG TV interface design is not complicated, easy to use for entertainment, has the ability to manage home appliances, can be used instead of a computer for office work, and has the function to manage the operation history of the software that you have used and gathered to provide Easy to find later.

Oknha Sok Piseth, CEO of GGear Group, said that in 2023, the demand for electronic products will increase slightly more than in 2022 due to the development of rural communities through the supply of sufficient water and electricity from the Government. As a result, people can afford to use electronic devices as a solution for their daily living and business. However, those doing business in this sector are still affected by the importation of illegal products, and customs evasion products through various border crossings. Not only that, the price competition in the market is not yet controllable, which makes it difficult for traders to increase the profit on the cost of the product.

He said that the purpose of today’s program is to increase closer ties and maintain a common goal to promote the electronics sector in Cambodia as fully legitimate, competitive, transparent, and provide added value for consumers. From providing services and products to LG Electronics.

The event was held on September 27, 2023, at the Sun & Moon River Hotel in Phnom Penh and was attended by nearly 200 business partners from the surrounding provinces. The event is organized by GGear Group, a distributor of both LG Electronics residential and business products.


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