Chinese Firm Eyes Over 300 Hectares for Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide Production in Cambodia

A prominent Chinese investment company based in Anhui Province is seeking to acquire more than 300 hectares of land to establish chemical fertilizer and pesticide production facilities. This initiative follows a productive meeting held on September 19, 2023, between HE Chea Vuthy, Secretary General of the Cambodian Investment Commission, and a delegation from the Chinese company.

HE Chea Vuthy expressed his enthusiasm for the proposed investment, highlighting its potential to significantly bolster Cambodia’s chemical fertilizer and pesticide production capabilities. He elaborated that this ambitious project would require an initial investment in a land area of 150 hectares, with plans to expand to over 300 hectares in the future.

The Secretary General also stressed the importance of addressing three key aspects for the project’s success. First, effective management of chemical processing waste is crucial to ensure environmental sustainability. Second, a reliable electricity supply must be secured to support the production processes. Finally, the chosen location should be strategically situated to minimize transportation costs.

Notably, prior to this meeting, the Chinese company had dispatched its expert teams to Cambodia for location scouting and to assess the investment climate. These visits, conducted in March and June, underscore the company’s dedication to establishing a successful venture in Cambodia’s agricultural landscape.

Furthermore, in the realm of agricultural investments, Cambodia is witnessing collaboration between Chinese agricultural giant Danong and four local companies. Together, they are embarking on ventures such as corn cultivation, high-protein grass planting, livestock farming, and the construction of agricultural product processing facilities. These initiatives will be implemented across a vast land expanse exceeding 10,000 hectares, promising substantial growth for Cambodia’s agriculture sector. (Read more)


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